Baskets with products of the land

If you want to stay and continue enjoying our facilities, we put at your disposal some baskets with products of the earth so that you feel at home.

All products are from the area, in order to publicize our wonderful surroundings.

This basket contains: white sausage, black sausage, fuet, Iberian ham, raf tomato, spring onions, buds, local bread, tomato to spread, ranci pâté and lemon pie.

Price: € 40

Cesta Embutido
Cesta BBQ


Meat tray consisting of: 250 gr old beef entrecote, Iberian secret confit at low temperature, local sausage, chorizo, boneless free-range chicken thigh, roasted potato flavored with herbs, tomato raf, spring onion, buds, farmhouse bread, tomato spread, the `3 chocolates`.

Price: € 50

This basket contains: vegetable cream, potato omelette, tomato raf, onions from Figueres, country bread, tomato spread, lemon pie.

Price: € 25

Cesta tortilla