Come and discover our winery!
Trossos del Priorat is surrounded by its own vineyards. Our guest can learn all about the wonderful world of Priorat wines as well as taste our own.

Lo Petit 2012 white

90 Minuts & Lo Petit de la Casa

Our little ones, the youngest reds.

Lo Mon 2012 white

Lo Món

The world of the Priorat within our wine.
The most awarded of our family.

Pam de Nas 2014 white

Pam de Nas

A pleasant surprise from our oldest vineyards.

Llum dAlba 2015 white (1)

Llum d’Alba

Enjoy the sunrise of Priorat with our young target.

Abracadabra 2014 white (2)


Wrap yourself in the magic of the Priorat with our white of old vines.